Today, nearly anyone can put up a website. The options are endless. But there are two extremely important issues that must be addressed in regards to the development of an author website:

a. Will the site be found among the millions of sites competing for the book buying public's attention, and

b. Will it produce the results you hope for - awareness leading to sales?

Not addressing these issues first can cause the most attractive, cutting edge site to fail miserably in this marketing environment, despite the best of efforts. Search engine optimization, branding, positioning, eye flow, calls to action - these are just a few of the issues that can mean the difference between success and failure.


As a part of the Free Publicity Focus Group we have, for many years, specialized in two areas - internet marketing and selling books. We bring 3 decades of marketing experience to the table. We know what it takes for authors to sell books in an inbound marketing environment. Each author site is carefully designed to accomplish that goal. We also partner with some of the best in the industry. Each site we design incorporates all the elements necessary to maximize your marketing efforts.


These days anyone can build a website. Very few people can build a book marketing website that produces results. There is a specific method and strategy that sets successful author websites apart. All the key components must be in place. The 'flow' of the site, integrating all components properly, is what will cause your site produce results. Websites for authors must incorporate these rock solid strategies into every component of the site. Through our experience and our partnerships, we help assure you get it right from the start.


We don't offer packages or templates or 'one-size-fits-all' approaches. Every site is unique, one of a kind, and designed specifically for the target audience for your work. We know your work is unique and we believe your site, your online showcase, should reflect that. We first spend a great deal of time developing a strategy that is unique to you and your work, before beginning work on the site.


Images are the cornerstone of a great marketing site. The images we use will brand and position you perfectly for your target market, helping to assure your visitors take positive action.


No one will ever see your site unless it can be found in the search engines. This is one of the most important components of any author's website. The competition is fierce. An author website must make certain highly effective search engine optimization strategies are built into the site.


Audio and video sell books. High quality audio and/or video can be embedded at key points on the page. Don't have audio or video? Through our partnerships we can produce professional level media that will impress your prospective buyers.


It is the 'call to action' that is the first step in the sales cycle. We can provide standalone email forms for mailing lists or integrate them with your current email list management tools.


Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, blog engines - the list goes on and on. All can be included on your pages.


To know if your site is accomplishing your goals, you simply must be able to closely track your ongoing results and make adjustments to improve those results. Google Analytics code is included in every site.


If your site is not producing, it may just need a tuneup. We can do a thorough analysis of your site and make recommendations that may dramatically improve your results.


Do yourself a favor. Call the others first. Get their best quotes. THEN call us. You will be pleasantly surprised at how small the investment will be to produce a site that can produce real results. References are available upon request.


To receive your no-obligation quote and more information, including sample sites and references, simply fill out the form at the top left of this page.

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"The best decision I ever made as a professional writer with regard to media coverage, was to engage the expert services of Don McCauley. Not only is Don professed in the competitive field of marketing and publicity, he is thoroughly at home with the creation of main-stream web design directed to grab the attention of those who travel the cyber highways. On top of all of this, he delivers this uniqueness in a way which totally puts the client at ease, making sure their concerns are taken into consideration and addressed. He never ceases to explain in adequate detail his plans to achieve the goal he's after, and never fails to produce success. I whole-heartedly recommend Don McCauley to anyone who strives for topnotch achievement, for you will not be disappointed with the results."
Ms. Rusty Blackwood - Author

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"Don McCauley designed a spectacular website for me when I had experienced several inept attempts by others. I have had a steady flow from strangers and friends telling me how professional and user friendly my website is."

"Don is the consummate listener, and set up a professionally designed site that incorporated all I wanted.  The quotes I received from other web designers began as steep as 8 times the cost of my investment with Don! Depending on the parameters of what you need, Don’s prices will always be as reasonable and pleasant as he his! I highly recommend Mr. McCauley for your website needs."
Penelope Van Buskirk - Author

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